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Wedding Planner

Professional Wedding Planner in Temecula

As an experienced professional wedding planner in Temecula and the surrounding areas, Susan Saves the Date will make all the difference when it comes to planning and coordinating your big day. She brings years of expertise combined with a calm attitude for a stress-free experience—from its early stages to your actual wedding day. She has helped many couples from—not only Riverside County, but Orange and San Diego County as well—plan their dream wedding in the romantic setting of Temecula.

When it comes to celebrating your wedding, there are so many moving parts to keep track of. That’s where Susan steps in. She can help you catapult your special day into a major success.

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Personalized Wedding Planner

With a personalized wedding planner, you receive undivided attention and wedding planning services that reflect you and the love you share with your partner. Susan will be there to answer all of your questions and soothe all of your nerves. She focuses on making every element of your wedding completely representative of you and your partner. Contact Susan Saves the Date when you require an experienced wedding planner to make sure your wedding goes off without a hitch!

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Wedding Planning Services Include:

  • Monthly Meetings Up to Year Before Wedding Day
    • Unlimited/As Needed—In person or FaceTime/phone calls for out-of-town couples
    • This time can be used as vendor meetings if desired.
    • The first meeting is to discuss a basic timeline, invitations, theme, and your budget. Final meeting 2 weeks before rehearsal.
  • Walk Through Prior To Ceremony to discuss Layouts– Time/date subject to venue schedule- 1.5-hour maximum
  • Help Find Vendors That Meet the Theme/Budget for Your Wedding
    • Communicate with vendors about delivery, set-up, and tear down
    • Make sure vendor agreements and copy of contracts/insurance is collected
    • Client to sign and pay vendors directly
  • Final Coordination FaceTime/Phone Call – 1 week before rehearsal
  • Schedule and Assist at Ceremony Rehearsal – 1.5-hour maximum
    • Time/date subject to venue schedule
  • Provide Detailed Timeline for Vendors – Plus layout for venue for table placement
  • On-Site Assistance Day of Wedding
    • Assist bridal party
    • Make sure set-up is correct of rental, tables, etc.
    • Assist with table assignments, table decor, gift table, and guest registry table
    • Remain at the venue until everyone has left
  • Ensure Wedding Party Is Photo-Ready – By providing timeline to bridal party
  • Manage and Direct Wedding Party & Guests – Work throughout event to make sure everything adheres to timeline
  • Coordinate with Vendors Throughout Event
  • Manage Any Emergencies That May Arise
  • Use of Additional Props and Décor Elements
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